Manufacture & Manufacturing Depth

Jigs and fixtures / Devices

Using manual and CNC machining techniques, we manufacture jigs and fixtures for different applications, e.g.:

  • jigs and fixtures with mechanical, electrical or pneumatic clamping
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • Adjustment devices / measurement devices
  • Test devices / testing stations
  • Assembly jigs / mounting devices

Our jigs and fixtures are used for low-cost and rapid production of small series, but also in mass production.

Our toolmaking and jig and fixture experience is built up from many years of manufacture for well-known companies of different market sectors, e.g.

We manufacture a variety of jigs and fixtures, e.g.

Handling device of a working station

Vorrichtung Handlingbereich der Fertigungsstation

Device for automatically feeding

Pneumatically controlled device for automatically feeding

Vorrichtung für den Zuführbereich

Device for clamping & positioning

Pneumatically controlled device for clamping & positioning

Vorrichtung Spannen & PositionierenVorrichtung Spann- und Positionier-Modul

Device for laser welding

Automatic device for laser welding as single module


Pneumatic crimping device

Pneumatisches Eindrück-Element

Pneumatically controlled turning & sorting device

Vorrichtung Wenden & Sortieren