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Thread rolling

Thread rolling is a process for pressing an external thread into a blank.

Thread rolling compacts the surface of the workpiece. This results in a more hard-wearing and durable thread compared to machined components. Threads can easily be rolled even into blanks made from tempered steel.

We manufacture all standard and non-standard threads

  • Plunge-cut rolling of M2 through M30 with a length of up to 60 mm
  • Through-feed rolling of M3 through M16 with a length of up to 1,500 mm

Cold roll forming / Profile rolling

Profile rolling is a process of applying contours, knurls, sprockets etc. onto any machinable material.

Our production ranges Max Auer CNC Machining - CNC Lathing / CNC Turning - CNC Milling
  • Up to a diametre of 30 mm
  • Up to a length of 1,500 mm